8 Things to Learn about LinkedIn Content Marketing

Did you know about 80 percent of the B2B leads come through LinkedIn? Today, let’s explore the 8 important things you should knowabout LinkedIn Content Marketing.

1. Effective Planning

  • List down the objectives to be achieved through LinkedIn
  • List down the sources from where content would be generated. Best would be to source from all business regions and verticals
  • Create a content calendar with top, mid and lower funnel content that will help engage with audience
  • Assign a dedicated resource for your LinkedIn profile management
  • Maintain close contact with your brand team to ensure consistency in your content,look, voice and tone

2. LinkedIn Company& Showcase Pages

Company Pages buildrelationships with new and existing customers by featuring relevant content while Showcase Pagesfocus on specific business lines, productsor initiatives within a company.

What can you post: White Papers, Case Studies, Industry News and Updates, Helpful How-to Content,Content that aids in Purchase Decisions,Event Registrations

Time Investment: 10 hours monthly

Number of posts: 3 to 4 a day

Key Point: Company updates containinglinks have up to 45 percent higherfollower engagement than updates without links.

3. LinkedIn SlideShare

With 70 million unique visitors every month,SlideShare is the world’s largest professional content-sharing community and companies can no longer afford not to have a presence there.

What can you post: Company Presentations& Videos, Webinar & Conference Recordings, Influencer Videos, How-to Use Product Videos, Webinar Decks, Infographics

Time Investment: 6 hours monthly

Number of updates: Upload content weekly

Key Points: Use the right tags to attract customers. Also have keyword-rich title, descriptions and tags to get your presentation to feature on search engines.

4. Publishing Long Form Content on LinkedIn

This is a great way of engaging with people.The more long form content you publish on LinkedIn, the more credible you get.

What can you post: Industry Trends, Lessons learnt, Professional Experience and Expertise

Time Investment: 3 hoursmonthly

Number of posts: One or two posts a month

Key Point: Link images and keywords back to your company blog or website for increased referrals

5. LinkedIn SponsoredContent & Direct Sponsored Content

While LinkedIn Sponsored Content allows you to publish relevant content for a target audience beyond just your LinkedIn Company Page followers, Direct Sponsored Content allows you to share content directly to thefeed, without posting them on your LinkedIn Company Page, thus allowing you to personalize content.

What can you post: Company News, Webinars &Addresses by Business leaders,Industry News & Research,Blogs, Case Studies, Interesting Visuals & Statistics

Time Investment: 10 hours monthly

Number of posts: You can select a topic and run sponsored content 2 to 4 times a week. The campaign can run for 3 to 4 weeks

Key Point: Set campaign by audience and add URL tracking codes to measure interactions, site visits or conversions

6. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

You can send personalised messages to people who matter the most to your business.

What can you message: Event invitations, Exclusive Statistics and Infographics, Product Details, Blog Subscription Campaigns

Time Investment: 4 hours monthly

Key Point: Keep copy under 1000 characters and include a Call-to-Action to boost performance

7. LinkedIn Text Ad

These ad formats help you to easily createcustomized campaigns, where you cantarget a premium professional audience as per your budget.

What can you post: E-book launches, Webinar and Industry Event invitations, Programme Demos and Certification Enrolments, Infographics

Time Investment: 2 hours monthly

Key Point: Use few targeting options at a time and grab your audience’s attention by calling out to them in the headline. For example, “Attention Sales Professionals”

8. LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

Through this, you can easily measure and optimize the business impact of yourLinkedIn Sponsored Content and Text Ads. You can record every conversion, understand the ROI and optimize your campaigns to drive optimal performance.

What can you measure: Sign-ups, Leads, Add to Cart, Content Downloads, Installs, Page Views, Purchases

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