When Google Penalizes for Wrong SEO Practices

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You type ‘Affordable gifts for clients’ on Google.Your website ranksamong the top-five.You smile. Your hard work and SEO techniques have paid off after all. Two days later, you type the same keyword and your website is nowhere to be found.You panic, what has happened? Realization dawns – You have been penalised by Google. For what? […]


8 Things to Learn about LinkedIn Content Marketing

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Did you know about 80 percent of the B2B leads come through LinkedIn? Today, let’s explore the 8 important things you should knowabout LinkedIn Content Marketing. 1. Effective Planning List down the objectives to be achieved through LinkedIn List down the sources from where content would be generated. Best would be to source from all […]


Media Buying Strategists

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One of the best parts about being the corporate blogger for Capitol Media Solutions is that it gives me a valid excuse for indulging in my love for reading blogs.  Reading blogs provides us the opportunity to stay current in this always changing media landscape and it allows us to experience some of the amazingly […]